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User Not Authorized

Hopefully you don’t run into any problems getting started using our studies, but if you do, then maybe information will help.

A common problem reported is studies not displaying as expected when applied to charts, the most likely causes for this are either the license key provided has not been activated, or it has been applied to a different Sierra Chart account. In each of these situations, you will find further information contained in the Sierra Chart message log, this may also be accompanied by an on-screen message.

On-Screen Message
User Not Authorized?

Your Title Goes Here

Check the Message Log

Your Title Goes Here

Sierra Chart Message Log

To resolve the ‘User Not Authorized’ message:

  1. Check your account name, following the instructions at the following link – Sierra Chart Account Name
  2. Activate your license key, instructions can be found here – License Key Management

If, after following the steps above, you are still having problems, please conatct us right away, providing as many details as possible, and we will work to get the issue resolved.

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