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Liquidity, Order Flow and Volume Visualisation tools for Sierra Chart

Custom developed studies to help you gain an edge in the markets

Volume Dots Study

Improve your Trading

Orderflow, Volume & Liquidity: Market generated information presented to help you enhance your edge.


Identify and qualify potential entry and exit locations with enhanced precision, improve your trading performance.


Take advantage of the 15-day free trial and explore the benefits of our of our custom studies.


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E Take a look at the custom study catalog to see what’s available.
E Choose from purchase and subscription options, free trial also available.
E See the Updates page for more information and for details about new releases.

Platform Setup

New to Sierra Chart and looking for help getting started?

Custom Development

Have an idea for a custom indicator and want to implement it?


Want to automate your trading system but not sure where to begin?

Reconstructed Tape Study


E We can help with platform setup, custom development, automation and more.
E Check out the Services page for more details on how we might be able to help.
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Order Flow Study Examples

Free Studies Collection

A selection of simple custom studies and tools for Sierra Chart, free to registered members.

Request a Study

Use the ‘Request a Study’ feature to ask for new free studies to be added to the collection.


Access or request chartbook templates for use with our custom studies.


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  • Updates regarding new releases and special offers
  • Immediate access to the free studies collection
  • Access chartbook templates and study collections
  • Free 15-day evaluation for each of our standard studies
  • Access to the request a study feature
  • Technical support for our studies

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