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TWFX Trade Pulse

What's Included?

The TWFX Trade Pulse Study contains the following Sierra Chart studies provided for the purpose of visualizing pace of tape / order flow –

  • TWFX Trade Pulse
  • TWFX Trade Pulse Bars

More information can be found in the study documentation Trade Pulse Study and Trade Pulse Bars Study.


Display a visualization of pace of tape / order flow based on a user defined time window or pulse. 

  • Visualize volume pace using dot markers or bars flowing across the chart
  • Can be applied to any intraday chart where time & sales data is available, either as
    • An overlay on the main price chart, or
    • A subgraph above or below.
  • Automatic Variable size Dot Plot
    • Configurable Minimum and Maximum Dot Sizes
    • Variable sizing based on Relative Volume, Small and Large Volume or Fixed Size Range
  • Optional variable color intensity based on delta, identify aggression
    • Separate color ranges for Ask
  • Optional text display:
    • Minimum volume filter
    • Separate colors can be used depending on whether Ask or Bid volume is dominant
    • Adjustable font size
Software Requirements

To use the TWFX Trade Pulse Study, you will need a Sierra Chart Service Package 3 (or higher) subscription.
Use of a good quality data feed, providing accurate tick-by-tick data is recommended, anything less may lead to inaccuracies.

Release Notes

v1.0.0.0 – Initial Release – TWFX_TPS_64.dll requires Sierra Chart v2195 or later.

Getting Started
  • After purchasing, you will receive a license key via email (which you can also find in the ‘My Account’ section here).
  • Activate your license key and assign it to your Sierra Chart account here.
  • After your license is activated and assigned, the software will automatically download next time you restart Sierra Chart (or you can download the software here).
  • Restart Sierra Chart and start using the studies.
  • More general information can be found in the FAQs section.
  • For more information about these studies, refer to the documentation – Trade Pulse Study and Trade Pulse Bars Study.

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  1. rick steve (verified owner)

    Helpful to kept in your toolbox study to know right now ( not in the past ), what is going on in the present.

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