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What's Included?

The TWFX Volume Dots Study contains the following related studies –

  • TWFX Volume Dots
  • TWFX Delta Dots
  • TWFX Volume Dots – LW
  • TWFX Delta Dots – LW

More information can be found either in the relevant blog update posts Volume Dots / Delta Dots, or in the study documentation Volume Dots Study / Delta Dots Study.

LW suffixed studies use only native Sierra Chart drawing output styles and are subject to a number of limitations when compared to the non-LW studies. LW studies are included specifically for compatibility with OpenGL graphics.

TWFX Volume Dots and TWFX Delta Dots are both configured for high performance chart drawing, they offer a significant performance improvement* vs. the LW suffixed versions (when not using OpenGL graphics).

*Reductions in chart drawing times of greater than 80% were observed during testing, actual improvements may vary depending on computer software / hardware configuration.


Display a visual representation of volume at price and time, apply narrow filters to focus on key activity areas or plot without filtering to provide a broad view of volume distribution.

  • Identify and highlight volume levels based on filtering criteria
  • Calculate per price level for each chart bar period or total per bar period
  • Volume and Delta filtering options:
    • Total Volume
    • Delta Imbalance
    • Delta Difference
  • Fixed or Automatic Variable size Dot Plot
    • Configurable Minimum and Maximum Dot Sizes
    • Variable sizing based on trading session, visible range or all data
    • Optional Dynamic Scaling vs. chart zoom level (LW)
  • Optional variable color intensity
    • Separate color ranges for Total, Ask Dominant and Bid Dominant Volume
    • Transparency option
  • Display / Coloring modes include:
    • Total Volume
    • Dominant Side
    • Ask/Bid Pie (LW)
    • Ask/Bid Split / Segment (LW)
    • Ask/Bid Color Gradient (LW)
  • Plots upto 256 dots per chart bar period (LW studies limited to 56)
  • Optimized for high performance calculation and chart drawing (LW)

Note: LW means feature not included in LW studies

Feature Comparison

Software Requirements

To use the TWFX Volume Dots Studies, you will need a Sierra Chart Service Package 3 or Package 5 subscription.
Use of a good quality data feed, providing accurate tick-by-tick data is a requirement, anything less may provide inaccurate representations of volume

Release Notes

v1.0.0.0 – Initial Release – Requires Sierra Chart v2107 or later.

v1.0.0.1 – 26/08/2020 – TWFX_VDS_64.dll requires Sierra Chart v2138 – v2146, TWFX_VDS_2151_64.dll requires v2155 or later

v1.0.0.2 – 01/09/2020 – TWFX_VDS_64.dll requires Sierra Chart v2138 – v2146, TWFX_VDS_2151_64.dll requires v2155 or later

v1.0.0.3 – 15/09/2020 – TWFX_VDS_64.dll requires Sierra Chart v2138 – v2146, TWFX_VDS_2151_64.dll requires v2155 or later

v1.0.0.4 – 28/11/2020 – Requires Sierra Chart v2195 or later.

v1.0.0.5 – 03/04/2021 – Requires Sierra Chart v2195 or later.

Getting Started
  • After purchasing, you will receive a license key via email (which you can also find in the ‘My Account’ section here)
  • Activate your license key and assign it to your Sierra Chart account here
  • After your license is activated and assigned, the software will automatically download next time you restart Sierra Chart (or you can download the software here)
  • Restart Sierra Chart and start using the studies
  • More general information can be found in the FAQs section
  • For information specific to these studies see Volume Dots Study and Delta Dots Study

Purchasing Options

2 reviews for TWFX Volume Dots

  1. M Patel (verified owner)

    What can I say, added it to my numbers bar chart and immediately, saw the benefit 🙂

    As the delta or volume starts to increase, the bubble starts to build so imemdiately you can see where absorbtion/interest etc is taking place.

    The ability to show both bid/ask delta as well as volume as a pie/or as gradient/or as split relaly adds to the information (compared to just plotting the bubble with the dominant side – although this is available too)

    As a long term user of Sierra Chart I know a good deal when I see it (espcially if you are interested in trading order flow).

    Had a 15 day trial, after two days, purchased it outright.

  2. Dgibson2550

    Works beautifully!

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