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Stacked Ask Bid Volume Ex Study

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The Basics

The Stacked Ask Bid Volume Ex Study is an extended version of the Stacked Ask Bid Volume Study, and similarly monitors Ask and Bid traded volume, displaying the data in the form of either a Stacked Bar Chart, Stacked Area Chart or Stacked Lines.

In addition to providing the same view of volume and delta as the standard study, this extended study also provides the option to calculate and display moving averages of Total Volume, Ask Volume, and Bid Volume, as well as standard deviation or percentage offset bands to these moving averages.

Possible Uses

The simple use case for this study is effectively the same as the standard version of the study, with the additional benefit of being able to monitor the short term trends in total, ask and bid volumes using the moving averages.

Short term moving averages can be useful in determining if/when short term imbalances between ask and bid volume are occuring – as indicated by the spread between the indiviual moving averages.

Longer term moving averages can be useful in determining if any of the volume components are above or below average, and if so, by how much.

A little bit more about the study

The study data is output via upto 18 subgraphs, depending on the user defined configuration. The subgraphs displayed can include Total, Ask, and Bid volumes, moving averages for each individual component and upto 2 upper and lower offest band for each moving average.

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